Joint-stock company “Berdyansk Plant of Handling Equipment” gives all services of all kinds of machine processing of details and units with treat processing.

Metal cutting on the belt-saw machine and hydraulic press

Any production begins with material cutting. A blank part can be received in 2 ways:
– stack cutting of a blank part on the belt-saw machine.
– the cutting of a blank part on hydraulic presses with decreased deformation of a blank part in the process of cutting.

Belt-saw machines

Belt-saw machines are used if it is necessary to receive a blank part with high quality of end surfaces and also minimize curvings.
Stack cutting of a blank part decreases the risk of the material’s damage as using this way a belt-saw machine does main actions in sawing automatically. Electronic systems of positioning of blank parts differs in difficult schemes of work that doesn’t allow even minimum errors (till 0.2 mm on 100 mm in diameter).
The processing of details on the multipurpose metal cutting equipment and also on the vertical-milling processing centers and on the turning –milling processing centers with numerical program control of the hydraulic presses.
Hydraulic presses are used for cutting a blank part from 19 to 80 mm. During cutting a blank part on the hydraulic presses also achieves a high quality of cutt off without decreasing the productivity that becomes possible due to high-precision equipment with the possibility of fixation of a blank part in the process of cutting.
Data of the cut off of the received blank part for metal in diameter 65 mm are:
– out-of roundness (crush in the diameter no more than 0.5 mm);
– end surface is no more than 0.2 mm;
– the length of crash is no more than 6 mm.
The machine processing is made on the multipurpose milling, turning, polishing and drilling machines that allows to produce a wide range of goods with different requirements to the quality and accuracy of the surfaces.